A team

A team : Acrylian, hydrophobic intraocular implants
Jean is a recognized expert in polymer engineering, CEO of Acrylian SAS. With experience in the industrial realm (Group polymer R&D manager at Saint-Gobain, 1972-1980) and more than two decades as a tenured professor at University of Strasbourg (1981-2002), he has several dozen scientific articles to his name, as well as patents with major French and international groups (Hutchinson, Renault, Fränkische Rohrwerke, Acome, Millipore, and more). He began refining compositions for hydrophobic IOL and ocular prosthesis in 1996.

Michel is a specialist in macromolecular chemistry and engineering and is also further pursuing his expertise in formulating polymer materials. He is Co-Founder of Acrylian and a consultant for the company.

As an active teacher and researcher at the European Engineering School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials (ECPM - Polymers Department) in Strasbourg, his research focuses primarily on developing new macromolecular morphologies to create polymer materials with original properties. To this end, he combines synthesizing processes and an innovative blending process (RMX®) that he developed with his research team.