Fabrication process

Fabrication process : Acrylian, hydrophobic intraocular implants
Acrylian has designed and implemented a complete process for the development of acrylic materials for intraocular implants.
Its materials are produced from acrylic monomers available worldwide and processed specifically to be biocompatible. The polymer is obtained in the form of a sheet, cut into buttons and purified with solvent.
The manufacturing steps are automated to ensure high efficiency, perfect stability and repeatability and high production capacity. Many process parameters are monitored by the PLCs and recorded to ensure traceability and reliability.
This process and its installations were developed by Acrylian based on ISO specifications (13485 and 9001).
• A monomer-purification step to ensuring monomer ultra-high purity and eliminating non-polymerizable products.
• A polymerization step allowing a high conversion rate
• Post-treatment of the polymerized material to reducing concentration of non-extractible products as low as a few ppm (in strong solvents).