AcryGem 2 : Yellow and Clear UV Protection

AcryGem 2 is our new GLISTENING FREE hydrophobic material.
It is an acrylic copolymer developed and patented by Acrylian to assure an optimal 1.8mm injection and perfect biocompatibility and non-cytotoxicity.
It is machinable by cryo-lathing in any design.

Water uptake: 

3.6% (35°C)

Exhaustive extraction (1):           

Acetonitrile: 800ppm of extractables

Water: no loss of mass detected

Hydrolytic stability (1):

Dioptric power: Stable

MTF:  Stable

Transmission spectra: Stable

Laser YAG (1):

Stable against Nd-YAG laser treatment

Cytotoxicity (2):

No cytotoxic potential to L-929 mouse fibroblast cells

Irritation and skin (2):

No irritation or edema reactions on rabbits

Refractive index:        

Wet: 1.523 (35°C, 589nm)

Dry: 1.536 (35°C, 589nm)

Cut off 10%:   

Clear: 385nm (+25D)

Yellow: 400nm (+25D)

Glass transition:        

13°C (DSC)

Elastic modulus:        

E’ ~10Mpa (20°C; DMA in tension)

Maximal injection force (3):

2.18Kg (MEDICEL 1.8 Accuject Cartridges; tip included)


Controlled and fast

Dry preloading:          



0 microvacuoles/mm²
(1)  Exhaustive extraction, Hydrolytic stability, and Nd-YAG Laser Exposure tests were realized in accordance to ISO 11979-5 specifications in GLP conditions
(2) Cytotoxicity and Irritation test were realized in accordance to ISO 10993 part 5 and 10 specifications in GLP conditions
(3) Measured on C loops IOLs. AcryGem 2 has the lowest injection force in the market according to the publication "In vitro comparison of minimal size injections of acrylic hydrophobic intraocular lenses" presented by Pr. P. Rozot during the ESCRS 2018 in Vienna.